Fleet Services

Free Fleet Tire Maintenance Inspection

AT Hunter Tires we offer FREE Fleet Tire Inspection, With this, we will identify useful tire maintenance needs. This helps you to address potential issues before they turn into downtime when your trucks are in operation. Hunter Tires will provide expert opinions and recommendations, in order to help your Company, LARGE OR SMALL, in choosing the most appropriate tires that will help reduce your operating costs and increased efficiency. When it comes to tires, there is no ‘one size fits all’ we will put our extensive knowledge at your disposal.

We take into consideration the size of your vehicle, the load capacity, the possible terrain that your fleet will be required to operate in and the load specifications. We know that cost is a major operating factor and our tire solutions will deliver better cost efficiency.

Tire maintenance

Proper inflation, wheel alignment, and timely tire rotation are three key maintenance activities that can improve mileage, balance ware, increase safety, improve handling, and assure a smooth ride and increase tire life.
(Most tire manufacturers recommend tire rotation every 6,000 to 8,000 miles)

Poor Usage

Poor driving habits also impact tire wear, these include, speeding, fast turns, sudden stops and incorrect weather usage.
Expert recommendations for fleet services.

At Hunter Tires, we are aware of how important your fleet is to your business. We understand the necessity of keeping the fleet together and properly operating as a unit. This is why we provide you with our expert opinions and recommendations, whenever you decide to contact us, for a consultation. Hunter Tires will help you to make the most of your fleet, by:

  • Doing an overall analysis, in order to help you to maximize on your earnings cut your costs.
  • Going through possible scenarios with you, to ensure that you are prepared to manage any situation that may arise, by equipping you with the knowledge that you will need.
  • We will also give recommendations for various steps and strategies that you can put into place.
  • We will ensure that we track your progress, in order to monitor the progress of your fleet.

We understand that proper maintenance of your fleet keeps your trucks in good condition, which makes them safer for you to drive, more productive for your business and this can even increase the value of your vehicles over time.

To schedule your FREE Fleet Tire Inspection and receive an expert recommendation on how to save money call our Hunter Fleet Sales Team @ 1-800-995-1663 or email us: fleet@huntertires.com